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Date: Jul 20, 2017
Author: Keith Furst
Categories: Data & Analytics, Technology & Operations
Keywords: data analytics, big data
Data reusability will lessen the response time to emerging opportunities and risks, allowing organisations to remain competitive in the digital economies of the future.
Case Study Profile Photo

Date: Jun 09, 2017
Author: Janine Marie Crisanto
Categories: Retail Banking, SME Banking
Keywords: HDFC, SME, SM@ Bank, IFC, RBI, ICICI Bank, Emirates Bank, UOB Singapore, OCBC, MSME, SME banking
While there is a dearth in bank’s funding and financial options for small and medium enterprises globally, new players are intercepting with their digital capabilities to provide lending to the growing sector. Recognising this gap and the entrance of new competition, HDFC launched SM@ Bank to provide SMEs’ with innovative and accessible financial services.
Case Study Profile Photo

Date: Sep 21, 2016
Author: Neeti Aggarwal
Categories: Technology & Operations
Keywords: ACB, cloud-based technology, infrastructure, VPN, IT, Microsoft Lync, communication
Asia Commercial Bank has been actively exploring cloud-based technologies to improve system efficiency and foster better communication and collaboration among its staff.
Case Study Profile Photo

Date: Sep 19, 2016
Author: Gaurav Malik
Categories: Branch Banking, Customer Centricity, Customer Relationship Management, Retail Banking, Technology & Operations
Keywords: BAY, MUFG, customer experience, technology, branch automation, CRM, IT, CSR
Bank of Ayudhya recently embarked on a multi-year strategic business transformation initiative, including a branch improvement project, which aims to simplify processes and reduce system errors.
Research Note Profile Photo

Date: Jul 11, 2016
Author: Research
Categories: Asia Pacific, Compliance, Markets & Exchanges, Payments, Risk & Compliance, Technology & Operations
Keywords: WorldRemit, remittances, fintech, MTO, Western Union, MoneyGram, mobile money transfer, Asia Pacific, World Bank, telcos, API, deposits, MTN, mobile wallets, Africa, Xoom, TransferWise, e-payments
The development of digital platforms that enable direct global money transfer is a nascent but fast growing business model from the remittance industry. The model does not envisage traditional banks as part of the long term plans, and competes with the largest global money operators head on.