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Building a personalised and continuous customer engagement via social media
The comprehensive 21-page Asian Banker Research report (including eight charts and 10 best practice bank case studies) on building a successful social media presence can be downloaded at the bottom of this article.
Research Report Profile Photo
Executing a competitive Internet banking proposition
Identification of strongest revenue sources is part of a comprehensive 20-page Asian Banker Research Internet banking report (including 15 charts & diagrams) on executing a competitive Internet banking proposition.
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Technology spend outlook for Asian banks during the crisis period (2009-2010): South Asia
Resultant impact on bank IT spend is not a question of what technology banks will invest in, but how those technologies are intertwined with core businesses.
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Roadmap to successful core banking system replacement
Date: Sep 11, 2006
Author: Research
Categories: Core Banking, Technology & Operations
Keywords: Tech Trends, Best Practices, UNIX
Asian Banker Research shows a clear four-stage guide to core banking replacement in this important 173-page report, including the coverage of core banking trends in the Asia Pacific region.
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