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Interview Transcript: “We always make a conscious choice that we do community products”
Date: Oct 31, 2016   |   Author: The Banking Conversation | Interviews
Gottfried Leibbrandt, chief executive officer of the Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication, shares how SWIFT has balanced its focus on compliance and the business of banking, while strengthening itself as a co-operative organisation amidst increasing threats in cyber security.
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Interview Transcript: “Small banks, domestic business and India are where we see opportunities"
Date: Nov 11, 2015   |   Author: The Banking Conversation | Interviews
The world of trade is probably the last bastion of paper processing and manual intervention. But Bolero is set to revolutionise that as it seeks to digitise global trade services. Bolero CEO Ian Kerr speaks to The Asian Banker.
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Interview Transcript: "In London and the UK, we have a healthy ecosystem learning how to build successful fintech organisations"
Date: Nov 11, 2015   |   Author: The Banking Conversation | Interviews
Strange bedfellows they are not. CEO Lawrence Wintermeyer explains how Innovate Finance, a nonprofit organisation, has created an unexpected alliance between banks and disruptors in the United Kingdom with the participation of venture capitalists and the government regulator, Financial Conduct Authority
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Interview Transcript: “In Europe as well as in Asia, we might have had overreliance on banking systems”
Date: Oct 14, 2015   |   Author: Foo Boon Ping | Interviews
Yves Mersch, member of the European Central Bank’s Executive Board, discusses the challenges and issues that the financial industry in Europe and Asia faces in its pursuit of financial integration.