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Articles and opinions by Richard Hartung

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Swift gpi cross-border payments go instant
Date: Sep 17, 2019   |   Author: Richard Hartung | Current Account
Consumers today demand instant services and results, prompting banks to find solutions that will address those needs. With the help of the global payments innovation (gpi), banks can now provide consumers with faster payments
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Alternative financing offers critical new funding to SMEs and startups
Date: Aug 23, 2019   |   Author: Richard Hartung | Research Note
Better returns in the alternative finance sector and an increase in transparency attracts more non-institutional investments particularly in online platform lending
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Banks compete for customer trust and mandate
Date: Jul 12, 2019   |   Author: Richard Hartung | Research Report
Insights from this year’s International Heads of Retail Annual Dialogue, held in Dubai in March 2019 and attended by heads of retail banking from the Middle East, Asia Pacific and West Africa, reveal that banks are close to an inflection point which could see them lose their customer mandate altogether.
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Westpac's Duncan: “We need to welcome partnerships to drive innovation”
Date: Jun 18, 2019   |   Author: Richard Hartung | Interview
Westpac chief development officer Macgregor Duncan spoke about the importance of partnerships in driving innovation
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Standard Chartered Bank looks to sustainable investments for competitive edge advantage
Date: Apr 15, 2019   |   Author: Richard Hartung | Current Account
While the focus on sustainable investing enables deeper engagement with clients, it also requires a very different conversation and the bank has had to need to train its relationship managers.
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New players, new practices and new technologies in an evolving payments landscape
Date: Apr 15, 2019   |   Author: Richard Hartung | Research Note
Several key themes emerged amidst the many discussions by global leaders in payments, including QR code, blockchain, credit card schemes, fintech and data consolidation
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Platforms can thrive outside China - A look at what’s next
Date: Apr 01, 2019   |   Author: Richard Hartung | Research Note
While the growth of Alibaba and Alipay as well as Tencent and WeChat pay in China is well known, there have been questions about whether a similar model can succeed outside of China. Local players as well as those Chinese giants themselves are starting to show that a super-app may well succeed in other markets in Asia too.
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Sustainable investment options bring new HNW clients to BNP Paribas
Date: Mar 20, 2019   |   Author: Richard Hartung | Interview
While sustainable investments may have been an afterthought for wealth managers in the past, the increased client interest, investment opportunities or outperformance can give a competitive advantage to financial institutions that offer the right products.